Minerals, Atomic Bombs and UFOs

We have spent considerable time in the Tularosa Basin area of New Mexico this winter… a region steeped in geology, history and mystery.


As we sit at Valley of Fires Recreation Area we are wedged between the historic Trinity Atomic Test Site (to the west) and three alleged UFO crash sites (to the east).

Our Benchmark Atlas Has Several UFO Crash Sites Demarcated in This Region of New Mexico

For geology buffs this region is a party. There is the lava flow malpais we are currently parked next to at Valley of Fires, and an awesome mineral museum in Socorro at New Mexico Tech.

Beautiful Mineral Display at the Mineral Museum at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico

On the way back from Socorro we stopped at the rock shop on Rte. 380 and scored small piece of Trinitite, a mineral formed from fused and vitrified sand during the Trinity Atomic Bomb test in 1945.

Trinitite Sample from the Trinity Bomb Site. Born on date: 7/16/45

Speaking of Socorro, there was that whole Lonnie Zamora UFO thing that happened in Socorro as well:


If you’ve never heard of this 1964 UFO incident, check out the wiki link above. To me, this is one of the most credible UFO (now called “UAP”) sightings ever. The efforts of debunction on this one are simply pathetic.

Perhaps it’s because we just finished listening to Tom DeLonge’s Sekret Machines, but this whole region just feels stranger than fiction.

Part of me thinks that it doesn’t take a “foaming at the mouth” conspiracy theorist to connect some dots in this part of the country.

(Credit: CTBTO Photostream)

For example, what if our atomic bomb testing in 1945 caught the attention of someone-something-somewhere with advanced intellect and unimaginable technology. It’s a pretty weird thing to have a nuclear explosion just pop out of nowhere on a heretofore nothing planet for no good reason. Maybe they decided to come check it out. Hence Roswell, Corona and Socorro (to name a few).

Imagine their surprise at what we Earthlings did next:

Now, if I were an extraterrestrial geologist I might be interested in that.



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