Gold Gulch Road Boondock

We have been boondocking in the Gila National Forest between Silver City and Lordsburg New Mexico for the past week.

Our 2018 Boondock Spot on Gold Gulch Road in Gila National Forest

Our spot is over  a mile from paved highway, and about 3/10 of a mile from the Continental Divide Trail, a 3100 mile trail that extends from Mexico to Canada among the Rockies.

Continental Divide Trail Marker

So, of course, opportunities for hiking are superb here. Not only do we have the CDT, there are numerous small forest roads that cut off of Gold Gulch Road and run into the hills that surround us.

Ric Hiking up Gold Gulch

The night sky is fabulous, and we have had fun playing with Linda’s new “Heavens Above” app, that calculates times of Iridium Flares and ISS and satellite orbits.

An “Iridium Flare” – Caused by Sunlight Glinting Off Satellite Panels.

Now when we see a satellite wending its way across the sky we can identify it by name and learn a little bit about what its doing up there.

We lucked out this time with road conditions.

The Packed Sand Road was in Good Condition This Time

This is a packed sand (not gravel) road. In previous years we have boondocked near the entry, but were unable to haul the trailer along the road because it was severely rutted in spots. Rains and rough-riding ATVs can tear up the road very quickly. We knew this, so we came out to scout road conditions before we came out here to camp. Even in that short time period (a week) the road had picked up a few ruts and become washboard in places.

So we are counting our blessings on this one. We’ll be hauling out tomorrow and making our way north to the Bighorn campground so we can walk “The Catwalk”.


3 thoughts on “Gold Gulch Road Boondock”

      1. I like that idea! I loved being in the Idaho dessert and surrounding mountains, I would love to explore some of NM. Especially on the CDT! ❤ (PS…time for me to get back into 'hiking' shape though!)


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