Roundup of Our Top Five Favorite Places in Deming

We have moved on from Rockhound State Park in Deming and are back at City of Rocks. Soon we’ll be boondocking in the Silver City area, then north and west into Arizona.  We probably won’t stay in the Deming area until next year, so this seems like a good time to review some of our favorite things about Deming. Here are our top five (in no particular order):


1. Rockhound State Park

We started coming here about 10 years ago. Our first visit was pretty rough. We flew out to El Paso and rented a Jeep Cherokee. We had mailed all our camping gear ahead of us by Parcel Post aka Pony Express… (to save money) so of course we arrived well before all of our camping gear arrived. Ha ha. We pivoted quickly and spent about a hundred bucks at Walmart outfitting ourselves with blankets, pillows, an air mattress, and cook ware. We slept in the truck until our parcels arrived. We had a great time in spite of it all.

We still love this park, and never tire of hiking and learning about the desert. We do it in style now in our Nash Travel Trailer, which is a heck of a long way from sleeping in the back of a truck.


2. Saint Clair Winery: 1325 De Baca Rd. SE in Deming, NM

It wasn’t long before we found St. Clair Winery. It has a comfortable tasting bar, with a specialty foods gift shop. The hosts are friendly and accommodating and the wines are delicious. They are also part of the “Harvest Host” program, so if you are an RVer and Harvest Host member you can overnight in their quiet and spacious parking lot.


3. Reader’s Cove Used Books

Reader’s Cove caught our eye the very first time we went to the post office on Spruce Street.

This cozy, book-packed store has several rooms of books including both fiction and non fiction, with a superb collection of historical, biographical, natural history, cultural and science offerings. We never fail to find some treasure here, and the atmosphere is welcoming and unhurried.


This cheerfully colored store with its whimsical murals is right across from the post office and is located at 200 S. Copper Street in downtown Deming.


Basin Range Volcanics Geolapidary Museum and Shop: 6235 Stirrup Rd. SE, Deming, NM

4. Basin and Range Volcanics Geolapidary Museum and Shop

This little shop specializes in thundereggs and geodes, mined primarily from this region of New Mexico. Before you ever set out to try to find a geode in the wild it is imperative that you see what these rocks look like on the outside before they are cut and polished. They are simply fugly.

They are also different in appearance depending on where they are mined. The proprieter, Christopher, has a character and style that will catapult you right back to the wild west. He will also entertain you as you browse the collection and answer all your geode questions in glorious detail. You can buy rough, uncut thundereggs or cut and polished beauties from the New Mexico region. The shop is just a stone’s throw from Rockhound State Park (sorry).


Mimbres Pottery Display and Mural at the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum

5. The Deming Luna Mimbres Museum

Every so often there is a winter day here that’s just a little too… (fill in the blank) cloudy. cool, rainy, windy. It’s rare but it happens. This local, and sprawling, museum is an excellent place to spend your afternoon. It is located in downtown Deming in the old armory building (301 S. Silver Ave.). Our favorite collections are the Mimbres Culture (pottery, jewelry, artifacts, and weaving), and the mineral exhibit featuring the “Geode Kid” thunderegg and geode collection. There are many other collections on display as well, giving a glimpse into the day to day life of Deming residents of long ago.

So that’s our “Top Five” Deming roundup. We hope you’ll check them out if you pass this way.




4 thoughts on “Roundup of Our Top Five Favorite Places in Deming”

  1. Hi Rick hope all is well. Love the blog ,the pictures and story on each was great .Loved all the rocks you’ve shown especially the Thunder eggs ,looks like a dirty snowball but beautiful inside. Safe travels . Looking forward to next blog.


    1. Hi Ernie! Say hello to the crew for me. Another blog going up today about our current boondocking site. Hoping your winter is going well – talk soon-Ric


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