Desert Chickens

Back in the settled, always in one place world, we have friends who keep chickens, both in Mass and Maine. In Mass the coop is right on our property line and the “yard” straddles the line. Even though the chickens belong to my neighbor, he shares eggs so his hens can have quite a few square feet of extra scratching space. Up in Maine our friends use some of our extensive space to dispose of manure, which we welcome to enhance garden soil. In the process of extending holiday wishes, I informed them that we have some “desert chickens” often scratching in our door yard. The ones in this picture are Scaled Quail, though we often see Gambels Quail. There were 14 in the covey pictured below, but the phone took so long to come on that many had disbursed.PSX_20171229_192639When we encounter these guys along the trail, the whole covey will burst into the air, as a unit, much like a Ruffed Grouse of the Northeast. No eggs, no meat (it would take 3 of these to feed a PSX_20171229_192605hungry human), but fun to watch. We spent a good part of today in “them thar hills” looking for rocks. Linda is in the process of crafting that blog now.

Happy New Year!


One thought on “Desert Chickens”

  1. When I used to take my walks every morning in Mountain Home I would often see groups of quail that came off the desert prairie to forage in folks gardens that lived on the edge of town. It was the highlight of my mornings. ❤


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