Celebrating Solstice at City of Rocks

Being at City of Rocks for the Solstice was not an accident. Many months ago we made plans to be here at this time, with an eye on both the terrestrial and celestial calendars.

Parts of City of Rocks Look a Bit Like the Monuments at Stonehenge

This place has always struck us as inherently spiritual… and grounded in a deep connection with the earth. Its gargantuan rocks, sculpted by eons of wind and weather are reminiscent of the stone monuments of Stonehenge, and as you walk among them you feel like you are in a cathedral.

Walking through City of Rocks

This year (2017) the December Solstice arrives at 16:28 Universal Time (UT) on December 21st. For those of us in the desert southwest that translates to 9:28 AM Mountain Standard Time. Because of this and because tomorrow night will be windy, we decided to start celebrating this evening (December 20th). It is after all, just as astronomically close to the hour of Solstice as tomorrow night will be.

Our Solstice Fire

We’ll have a small fire and open a bottle of champagne. This, for us, is the actual “New Year”. It marks the day when the cycle begins anew, when the orbit of our tilted planet gradually returns us to lengthening days and spring.

So to all of you…

Wishing You a Magical Solstice and an Abundant New Year!

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