Hiking Table Mountain at City of Rocks

A few years ago City of Rocks State Park added an adjoining parcel of land which included Table Mountain. There is now a nicely groomed and developed 1.56 mile trail to the top of the mountain.

View of Table Mountain Behind City of Rocks State Park

We have come to this park for many years, so naturally we have climbed this mountain before…only before we had to squeeze under a barbed wire fence to get access to the mountain. Then we just plowed up the central ravine to get to the top.

A Handy Gate Now Leads through the Fence to Table Mountain Trail

The trail is found by going through the Pegasus Campground to the Hydra Trail. Hang a right as you get onto the Hydra and you will soon see this sign on your left:


After you pass through the fence you’ll have a pleasant walk through desert scrub as you incline gently toward the east end of the mountain. Gradually your real ascent begins as the trail increases steepness. There are switchbacks to keep it a comfortable climb, but hiking sticks are a help.

Ascending the Table Mountain Trail

Once you pass the bench and reach the hoodoo ridge the trail levels off to a nice rolling terrain until you reach and cross the central ravine.

Now the trail ascends steeply for about ten minutes. After some stone “stairs” and ledges you’ll reach the summit.

Sitting Bench on the Summit of Table Mountain

There is a bench for sitting and enjoying the fabulous view, but you’ll want to scout around a bit for there are fab views in all directions.

View from Table Mountain Towards Cooke’s Peak

The summit has stunted juniper and shin oak, which you’ll appreciate if the wind is blowing and you want a sheltered place for lunch. While enjoying our lunch we watched a raven and a hawk doing aerial acrobatics off the side of the cliff. So cool.

Descend the way you came up, it’s not a loop trail. You’ll have done a 3 plus mile moderate hike when done.

On this day we decided to keep walking after our descent because we had some day remaining. We hung a left on the Hydra and did the loop… so our total mileage for the day was 7 miles.


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