City of Rocks Arrival

Just a few days ago we published that we were not sure when we could post another blog. The reason we did that was because when we were last here, 3 years ago, there was no phone service. Well, now we get 4G 2 Bars, so here we are again! PSX_20171216_174615City of Rocks, or as youngest daughter, Lyric calls it, “City of Dried Volcano Blood”, began around 34.9 million years ago with a massive volcanic eruption that scientists describe as being about 1000 times greater than the 1980 eruption of Mt. Saint Helens and it’s thought would have taken months or years to complete. But more on that later-so here we are! PSX_20171216_174315This is one quiet park, we’ve always liked it. From a distance it looks small, but when you walk thru it, or around it, it’s quite large. That’s our rig to the right in the above photo, in what we affectinately call “Suburb of Rocks”.

We have several hikes here, right in the park, ranging from 2 to 8 or so miles, and even more when you combine trails. Our daily 3.8 mile hike is the Hydra trail. No steep rises or descents here, nice rolling desert with cows in the distance. 3 years ago I encountered a Prarie Rattler that sobered us enough to purchase Snake Gators.PSX_20171216_174531 In a few days we’ll climb Tabletop Mountain again – not horribly challenging but a good workout nonetheless.  PSX_20171216_174733Our first sunset this time. Be safe and be well. We’ll talk to you soon.


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