Chillin at Rockhound Part 2

We have a 4-season Nash rig – so normally cold temperatures don’t worry us. We open the cabinet doors at night so the heat can circulate where it is needed and call it a day. 15 degrees however is a bit much.

4 season badge
We’ll See Nash… We’ll See

We figured we had better beef up the standard insulation by adding a layer of Reflectix to both plumbing areas.

We had already unhooked from the park’s water system, as nightime temps ran several degrees below freezing the day before. We’ll make window shields using bubble wrap to help reduce heat loss. The last thing we’ll do is shut off the water pump after supper. We’ll continue to use the water until the lines run dry. We’ll leave the water pump off at night, so if there were to be a leak, it would be a very limited problem. We try to remember to shut off the water pump any time we leave the RV for very long for the same reason. This isn’t a winterization by any means, there is no antifreeze involved. Just a few simple measures to ride out this cold snap.

We finished just in time to enjoy this rather wintery sunset over Dragon ridge.



2 thoughts on “Chillin at Rockhound Part 2”

  1. I use reflectix often in my hiking gear. I have a section I sleep on, one to encase my cooking pot while things reconstitute, one to cover my favorite mug/mini-pot, and one I made into an ‘envelope’ for my dehydrated meals that are prepped ahead in quart freezer ziploc. Reflectix is a blessing! ❤
    PS…love the headlamp Ric! I think I want a new one! 😉


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