Chillin’ at Rockhound

Today we woke up and it was snowing outside. Not unheard of here in Deming, but something of a novelty. Being from the northeast we are not put off by snow flurries and snow showers. Hiking in snow is a lot more fun than hiking in the rain.

I knew that I had to get right on the trail before the snow melted or sublimated if I wanted pictures. These desert snowfalls can be ephemeral events. Ric needed to go into town to score some reflectix insulation (more on that in part 2), so this would be a solo hike for me.

By the time I reached the highest point on Thunderegg trail the snow shower was a wind-driven squall, and visibility was down to about 1/4 mile.

There were no other hikers while I was on the trails, so I had these sights to myself.

By the time I was half way back I could already see signs of snowmelt, and the cactus wrens and woodpeckers were finally about their morning rounds. It was a magical hike, as snowy day hikes often are. The air was crisp, the silence was embracing and the cold was exhilarating. Quiet nature in the most graceful of robes.


5 thoughts on “Chillin’ at Rockhound”

  1. Snow tomorrow here in Millbury 3 to 6 inches. Pictures are beautiful. Enjoy your travels and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy and healthy NEW YEAR.


    1. Ernie – great to hear from you! Hpoing you and the rest of guys in group are doing well. We got down to 15 degrees over night, but going up to 50 today. Merry Christmas to you and your family too! Thanks for checking out our blog!


  2. How beautiful. When I was living in Idaho I walked a bike trail that went around part of Mountain Home almost daily. I loved seeing the desert so close up, and found that snow in a desert environment is absolutely magical. I had a lot of people say to me: “you are not from around here are you?” as I took my daily walks in everything but very severe thunderstorms – which can be absolutely astounding and terrifying out there!
    ❤ ~Amy


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