Crafting a 3-mile Hike at Rockhound

A daily 3-mile hike seems to be our ticket to good health, both mentally and physically. Although we can’t always reach that goal, we try. Here at Rockhound State Park we experimented and found that by following the two main (managed) trails in succession, and then reversing direction, we got our three mile hike. It’s actually a little over three miles. Nice.

We start at the trailhead near the botanical garden and follow Thunderegg trail all the way to the end, past the two big boulders (you’ll know them when you see them), and all the way down to the covered sign near the primitive camping area. Just beyond that big sign board, on the left, you’ll see a trail sign for Jasper Trail. Just follow that to its end near the Visitor’s Center. Retrace your steps and you’ll have three miles.

At the highest point of the trail you’ll get awesome views of Deming with the Victorio Mountains and Bisbee Hills beyond. To the left are the Florida mountains with beautiful Dragon Ridge extending out in front of you towards Deming. Turn around and and look up the mountain and you’ll be looking at the Little Floridas, named for the lovely desert wildflowers that abound on these hillsides in the spring.

There are many other ways to hike around here – including going up the small canyons on the mountainside. We’ll do that as well, but at least we have our three-mile baseline!


2 thoughts on “Crafting a 3-mile Hike at Rockhound”

    1. Hi Chris-Linda is adding to the post on Creosote (Chapparal) medicinal uses. We are doing an assault on the Little Florida mountains today so tonight if I have enough energy I’ll do a post on Morman Tea, collecting, benefits, preparation & cautions. Hope you and the men are doing well. Stay safe, be well, and be warm!


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