Rockhound and Deming

Yesterday we made our travel transition from Oliver Lee State Park near Alamogordo to Rockhound State Park in Deming. At Oliver Lee we had crossed paths with our long time friend, Sebastian and his feline companions Meadow and Mesa. It was a true bit of serendipity to see him along our journey, and we thank the stars for it. We are heading in opposite directions now. Fare well, friend, until we meet again (sounds like lyrics from an old song, right?). You can follow Sebastian’s adventures at We made our way past White Sands and the missile range and up San Augustin pass keeping an ever-watchful eye on the transmission temperature. It maxed out at about 207 degrees. Not too bad really. Our tranny will live on.

After getting ourselves ensconced at our site we sat out under the shelter and were entertained by a blazingly beautiful sunset while drinking the last of our “Bar Z” wine – the 2012 Tempranillo. The Bar Z wines hit it out of the park in all respects. Check them out if you are anywhere near Canyon, Texas.


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